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我生長在一個充滿歌聲的家庭。父母親在大學合唱團相識,所以我從小便沈浸在歌聲當中。在還沒參加小學的合唱團之前,便一直在教會內唱歌。後來也不停歇地參與國小,國中,高中,大學的合唱團,並在高中時第一次接觸 a cappella 團 Amabile Cantabile,甚至在大學的時候成立了校園內第一個華人 a cappella 團。回到台灣後,除了參與合唱團之外,也成立了 Voco Novo,參與演唱會合音,並繼續在教會內用歌聲服務。

I was born in a family filled with singing.  My parents met in the university choir, and therefore I’ve been surrounded with lots of singing since I was little.  Before I was old enough to join the school choir, I’ve already been singing in church.  Later on, I sang with the choir in elementary school, middle school, high school, and university.  I started to experience a cappella group in high school, and even started one at the university.  After moving back to Taiwan, apart from singing in choirs, I also founded Voco Novo, and continue to serve the church with my voice.

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